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Setting up Comcast email on iPhone


Setting up Comcast email on iPhone

Comcast is an email service provider which is very popular. It provides awesome privacy services which benefit the users a lot. In this guide, we are providing you with the Comcast email settings iPhone

Comcast email settings for an iPhone

iPhone users may find it difficult to set up a Comcast email account if they are not familiar with the settings of the device and email service. Setting up Comcast email on iPhone can easily be done by adhering to the steps provided.

  1. You need to visit the Settings app on your device.

  2. From the list given, select ‘Mail, Contacts and Calendar’.

  3. You will see the ‘Add Account’ option. Hit on it and then tap on ‘Other’.

  4. Select the ‘Add Mail Account’ option and enter the details asked by the app. The details would be like this.

  • Name: Your Name

  • Email: The Comcast email address

  • Password: Password of your account

  • Description: Type ‘Comcast’ 

  1. Then the app will ask you to select the Incoming Mail Server and the Outgoing Mail Server. Select POP3 in the Incoming Mail Server option. Enter the given details in the Outgoing Mail Server.


Incoming Mail Server

Outgoing Mail Server



Your email address

Your email address


Your account password

The account password

  1. Tap on Save and then choose your email address in the next display.

  2. You have to select the Mail Server which is and check the following info:

  • SSL: ssl

  • Server port: 587

  1. Visit the previous screen and select the ‘Advanced’ option.

  2. After selecting once again go to the previous screen to restart your iPhone. This restart will connect xfinity email to iPhone.

Hope the method given will be helpful in setting up Comcast email on your iPhone.

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