Thursday, 22 July 2021

How Do I Fix Error Code 475 in Yahoo Mail?


Error Code 475

In comparison to Emails Yahoo mail is not as popular as it once was. But there are still many people who use Yahoo as their primary mail and send and receive mail using it. It is true that Yahoo provides a great service that is why it is still on 10th position in the list of most popular websites since the year 2019. In this article we will deal with the yahoo error code 475 and will let you know the ways to resolve this issue.

There might be several reasons due to which this problem occurs like spam email, sending duplicate emails, mail sending to a large number of recipients, yahoo mail stuck in outbox, etc. Below are some of the steps you will need to follow to fix the problem of the error code of Yahoo. 


  1. To change your password you first need to visit the “Yahoo Account Security” page. 

  2. There will appear a option to “Change Password” 

  3. Now, you have to enter a new password, try choosing a strong and reliable password that you can remember. And then click on the “Continue” option. 

Check if the problem of error code 475 still occurs, if yes then you can try the next way given below. 


  1. Once you open the Yahoo mail you will have to look for the “Menu Icon”. 

  2. Now, go for the “Outbox folder” 

  3. Delete all the mails present in the Outbox folder. And then re-start the Yahoo mail again. 



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