Thursday, 18 March 2021

How to Setup Gmail Webmail Remote SMTP Server?

How to Setup Gmail Webmail Remote SMTP Server?

How to Setup Gmail Webmail Remote SMTP Server?

Every now and then, the need to use your Gmail account on different devices arises, as sometimes we have access to our phone or our laptop, so we need to log in to our Gmail account on various devices. So as to achieve this purpose and the smooth conductance of our work, we have to do Google mail SMTP settings. You have to do incoming and outgoing mail server settings in order to use your Gmail on different mail clients like Outlook or Apple Mail. Along with SMTP server Gmail settings, we have to do IMAP settings as well, as it allows us to use email clients on different devices.   

Enabling IMAP for Gmail

As mentioned before IMAP is important when we use our email on different devices. Below is the process by which you can enable IMAP for Gmail:

  1. Open your Gmail account on a desktop.

  2. Click on the settings icon, and then click “See all Settings”.

  3. Then, choose “Forwarding and POP/ IMAP”

  4. In the section of “IMAP Access”, then you have to tap on “Enable IMAP”.

  5. Lastly, click on “Save Changes”.

SMTP Settings for Gmail

You have to do google mail SMTP settings in the email client you are using to access your Gmail account. These are the following settings that you have to update:

While doing the server settings, you will be asked to enter the following:

  • Full Name: Enter your name used in Gmail.

  • Username/ Email Address: Your Gmail Email Id

  • Password: Gmail password

Following are the incoming and outgoing mail server settings for Gmail:





SSL Requirement



Port Number



TLS Requirement (if available)



Authentication Requirement



Port of TLS



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